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Angel Tax

Angel tax is keeping both start-ups and tax administration awake. I believe, the cause of concerns are dated and reflects very poorly on Indian economy on the part of tax administration not being able to distinguish between the NEW and the OLD India. While steps were taken, unfortunately, it led to more confusion than providing solutions.

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Shooting yourself – In the head or the foot?

If any of this is true, then part of the headline is applicable to you.

  1. Seeing the ball and hitting the ball. Is it T20 or test cricket?
  2. Could not differentiate between fear and risk management?
  3. Procrastinating? 🙂 there is a monkey joke i could tell, if we meet.
  4. Not giving priority to direct revenue aligned work?
  5. Are you in a comfort zone?
  6. Overworked?
  7. Burned out or have life style related health issues?
  8. Too big a list of to dos?
  9. Are you spending more than 20% time in operational issues?
  10. Not seeking constructive feedback?
  11. Hesitating to outsource when you should?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you have a problem. We can help for point no. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 11. Speak with us.

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What is your top priority?

If you are a CEO or the managing director of your company and wishing to take the business to 2x or 3x in minimum amount of time – how do you think you would approach this. Think for 5 minutes before you continue reading any further. If the list is any more than three top priorities, i suggest you speak with us once. If the list does not include at least two actions on client acquisition, client-centricity and Revenue focus then you are not close to achieving what you have set out for. This is where we could add value – we partner to allow you to focus on what is revenue aligned by adding right actions on your priority list and subtract and delegate to expert advisors what is cost aligned and not top priority.

This would enable growth at significant pace. Subtract while you add.

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Are you biased towards your business?

The answer should be yes. The followup question is – is it good for your business? The answer should be “no”. Well, i have not quizzed you and straight away gave the answers. The point is, we have through our engagements challenged our clients’ status quo and their ways of working in a way that they rarely were. We have improved decision making process and brought immense value on the table.

We love our clients!

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Micro and Small Enterprises should cheer

The government has come out with a very favorable notification on 22nd January of this year directing half yearly disclosures from all companies for overdues to micro and small enterprises exceeding 45 days to measure, monitor and improve liquidity for this labor intensive sector. And were you aware that there is a provision of charging 3 times the bank interest rate for overdue payments? Three cheers to entrepreneurship!!!

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The most recent notification on Angel Tax

Angel Tax and related issues are spooking the entrepreneurs in the new economy  due to unintended consequences of the regulations. If you are a start-up, have you thought about entity structure? the issues pertaining to commencement and incorporation of the company? CCDs vs CCPS vs Equity shares? paring on share premium? implications of most recently amended DIPP notification on you? Yes, we know its complicated and therefore we could help you.

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